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Our channel features monthly shows delivering news from the Queensland Branch Rover Council (QBRC) and reports from a wide range of activities and events.


Welcome to Roverline. Queensland Rovers YouTube news show that is a one-stop shop for all the goings on in Queensland Rovers. In this monthly show we will be delivering all the news and information coming out of the QBRC.
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Roveractive is a monthly show from QLD Rovers. This show will cover all the events and activities QLD Rovers are involved in.
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Roverminute is a series of short videos that highlight the various aspects of Rovers in Queensland, Australia and the World. Each video provides information, history, or breaking news that comes out in the off weeks of Roverline and Roveractive.
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On this episode, our Roverette, Jess Gammie meets the eight contestants that will be competing for her heart. Following that, the first group date where one will emerge the winner and go on a Fivesies date with Jess, while two will not make the cut and be going home.
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